Hightouch changelog
Hightouch changelog

Xero Destination




Keep your financials up to date and empower your accounting team. Deliver up-to-date data directly from your source of truth so your team can stop wasting time finding, cleaning, and moving relevant data. Read our docs for more info.

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Audience Breakdowns




We’ve upgraded Hightouch Audiences again. You can now visually display the distribution of specific characteristics of a given audience. Use Breakdowns to quickly and easily create multiple distribution charts so you can monitor your audiences and make changes as needed. Read our latest blog post for more info.

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Bing Ads




We’ve made a minor improvement to our Bing Ads destination so you can automatically create an audience when you run an initial sync.

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Source Level Sync Logs




You can now apply sync logs at the source level and Hightouch will apply the setting to all syncs in a source. You can still override the source-level setting at the sync level.

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SFMC Data Extensions




You can now configure whether your SMFC data extensions are sendable or testable. This is especially useful if you don’t want to give all of your Hightouch users access to SFMC. When you change the configuration, your SFMC data extension will update automatically on the next run.

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SQL Server Destination




We’ve added another production database to our catalog of integrations. Send data directly from your warehouse to SQL Server to power your internal applications and on-site/in-app personalization. Read our docs for more info.

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Marketo Campaigns




Trigger Marketo Campaigns directly in Hightouch and send emails to your leads.

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MongoDB Data Source




MongoDB is officially available as a data source. Send key user events and behavioral data to your favorite business tools to power your go-to-market teams. Read our docs for more info.

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Audience Overlaps




Compare your Hightouch audiences against your existing audiences and identify potential overlap to limit (or maximize) collisions across multiple audience segments. Read our latest blog post for more info.

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Audience Splits




Seamlessly create randomized audiences and distribute customer attributes evenly for cross-channel multivariate testing. Read our latest blog post for more info.

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