Hightouch changelog
Hightouch changelog

Fivetran Extension




You can now automate your entire data flow. Schedule your Hightouch syncs to run as soon as your upstream Fivetran connectors and Fivetran dbt transformations are complete. This feature is currently available in early access. Here's a short demo of the feature. Read our latest blog post or check out our docs for more info.

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Braze Catalogs




You can now sync data directly to your catalogs in Braze to further enrich your Braze messages and optimize how your products and content are surfaced to customers. Read our docs for more info.

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Amobee Destination




Amobee is officially available as a destination. You can now transfer data from your warehouse via sFTP file drop. Take advantage of your enriched customer data and optimize your advertising efforts across all your TV and digital media platforms. Read our docs for more info.


Custom Roles




We’ve released a user-friendly interface to help you create custom roles. Admins can now specify which access grants a user should get for each major resource type in Hightouch. Read our latest blog post our see our docs for more info.

This feature is available to Business Tier users. Read our latest blog post or see our docs for more info.

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Single Sign-On (SSO) Improvements




Single Sign-On Improvements We’ve made several improvements to more seamlessly integrate with Okta and other leading identity providers:

  • Groups: Admins can now map groups in their identity provider to specific workspaces and roles in Hightouch. For example, a user in the marketing team in Okta can now be mapped to the Audience Editor role in Hightouch.
  • Self-service: Hightouch now provides an in-app interface for admins to turn on SSO for their organizations.

This feature is available to Business Tier users. Read our latest blog post or see our docs for more info.


Audit Logs




Browse, filter, and search through a historical log of your team's in-app activity for troubleshooting and auditing purposes. You can now easily inspect all changes to your account’s resources, whether it's syncs, models, audiences, sources, or destinations. Other key actions like user sessions and query previews are now available for inspection.

This feature is currently only available for Business Tier users. Read our latest blog post or see our docs for more info.

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Audience Priority Lists




With Priority Lists, you can drag and drop your audiences in order of priority and Hightouch will ensure that users are only included in the top priority audience they are eligible for.

Read our latest blog post for more info or check out this quick demo from Alec Haase.

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Insert Mode for PostgreSQL




Our Postgres destination now supports insert mode using COPY FROM. This should make your syncs run even faster. Read our docs for more info.

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Amazon Kinesis Destination




As part of our custom destination toolkit, Amazon Kinesis is officially GA. You can now send streaming data as JSON to Kinesis and process it in real-time.

(docs coming soon.)


Improved Logging for dbt Models




We’ve made an improvement to our dbt integration so you can see the raw output from your dbt config pages, making it easier for your to self-diagnose problems in your model.

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