Hightouch changelog
Hightouch changelog

Firestore Destination




Firestore is now available as a destination. Power your app’s real-time experiences by syncing data from your warehouse or any other source. Hightouch supports Firestore collections and nested objects. Read our docs for more information.


Stripe: New Objects




This week we rolled out several improvements to our Stripe destination. We now support even more objects like products, prices, subscriptions, and invoices. Review our updated docs for more information.

Screen Shot 2022-05-23 at 2.33.46 PM.png

Revamped Audience Builder




We’ve updated our audience builder to make filtering even easier.

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Vitally Destination




Take advantage of your data warehouse and sync customer and event data directly to Vitally. Empower your business teams to segment customers, create indicators/tasks, and build exceptional customer experiences. Read our docs for more info.


Delighted Destination




Do more complex segmentation using the data in your warehouse. Access all of your unique data models and sync key third-party and event data directly to Delighted. Update your customer attributes and create/automate more personalized surveys for your customers. Read our docs for more info


Table Sorting




You can now click on any header in Hightouch and sort your tables

Table Sorting.png

CleverTap Destination




Take advantage of our latest integration with CleverTap. Ensure your user profiles are always in sync with the data in your warehouse and drive even more customer engagement. Check out our docs for more info.

CleverTap (1).png

Zapier Destination




Hightouch now connects to 4000+ apps via our latest Zapier integration. Take advantage of the existing data models in your warehouse and trigger your Zaps every time a row in your model is added, changed, or removed. See our docs for more info.

Zapier (1).png

Courier Destination




Courier is officially available as a destination. You can now power your notifications using the data within your warehouse. Stop uploading manual CSV files and ensure your data profiles and lists are up to date when sending notifications to your various channels. (Docs coming soon…)


Gong Destination




We’ve shipped Gong as a destination. You can power your sales team with even more robust customer data. Sync customer data directly from your warehouse to Gong and take advantage of your existing data models. See our docs for more info.