Hightouch changelog
Hightouch changelog

New Scheduling UI

Our new scheduling UI is so beautiful it makes me cry.

You can now see the Sync ID which is perfect for our awesome Airflow integration (now available on Astronomer.io's Registry, but I digress..)

Screen Shot 2021-04-12 at 4.50.06 PM.png

Pendo Integration Added

We just released our integration with Pendo.io!

Check out our docs for more details on setting up your Pendo integration.


Webhooks now allow custom batch sizes

Couple useful changes to our webhooks integration. You can now set a custom batch size, and decide if you prefer POST vs PUT.


Google Ads Offline Conversion added

Fresh out of the gate with another new integration. We just released Google Ads Offline Conversions! Let us know if you find this one useful or if you have any other feedback.

Google Sheets Quality of Life Improvements

A few fixes and improvements to Google Sheets which should help clarify why a connection failed. Also some edge-case handling related to white spaces. So pesky!

Improved Hubspot Email Matching

We've improved email matching for external ids in Hubspot, including some fixes for edge cases around unicode and secondary email.

Front Integration Released!

Happy to announce another new integration just released! We now support integration with Front. Check out our docs for the latest on getting the integration setup and, as always, reach out with any questions or requests!

Airflow Operator Released

At Hightouch, we love Airflow so I'm so happy to be able to announce the release of our first Airflow Operator.

You can now trigger a Hightouch sync from within your Airflow DAG. Check out the Github repo for instructions or browse our beautiful docs page.


New Onboarding Flow

I'm just speechless. This new onboarding flow is slick! Now it should be a lot easier to navigate the initial setup. We'd love your feedback, let us know through the chat icon what you think!


Dynamic Slack Channels + More

Lots of Slack improvements! You can now set a custom Slackbot name, emoji and image URL for Slack destinations.

Even cooler, you can use a column to set the channel instead of picking a single channel for all messages.

Check out the docs for more!