Hightouch changelog
Hightouch changelog

Heap Integration




Heap is really efficient at giving you insight into how your visitors are interacting with your website and apps, but those insights are limited to client-side interactions. What if there are server-side events you also want to incorporate in your analysis? What if you want to leverage custom objects specific to your business, like Workspaces, Accounts, and more? With our latest Heap integration, you can now sync your behavioral and product data directly from your warehouse to Heap and gain a better understanding of how your product is being used. Check out our documentation for more information.

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Jira Integration




As the number one project management tool for software development, Jira makes it easy for teams to collaborate on software projects and get features shipped done on time. With our newest integration, your team’s projects and tickets will always be up-to-date with fresh customer data because you can automatically create projects and tickets when data is updated in your warehouse. For example, you can automatically create Jira tickets when customers report bugs. You can also update project names and ticket attributes to provide more context and reduce back and forth conversations. For more information, read out our documentation.

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Workspace Permissions




We've completely revamped Workspace Permissions. You now have three roles for fine-grained control over permissions on a workspace, and can set a default role for new users.


  • Admin users have full, unrestricted access to all resources under a Hightouch workspace. They can also manage the Workspace itself, including managing user membership, creating new API keys, setting up External Storage, and configuring integrations with external services (like Slack and PagerDuty).

  • Editor users have full read and write access to the core Hightouch objects, like Sources, Destinations, Models, Audiences, and Syncs, but are restricted from viewing or editing Workspace-level configuration.

  • Viewer users have read-only access to all Hightouch objects, excluding Workspace-level configuration.

Check out our docs for more info!

Git Sync Integration




This is gonna be legen..[wait for it]…dary. Legendary. So exicted to announce we now support bi-directional git sync. Connect your git repository to Hightouch and your models and syncs will now write their configs to Git, and Hightouch will also read any changes you make from Git!

Here's a simple diagram of how it works. Blank diagram (1).png

If you want to see a demo, check out this quick video!

And be sure to check out our docs for all the details:

MongoDB Integration




Your production database controls your in-app experience and personalization. With our MongoDB integration, you can now sync data models directly from your warehouse (like a churn_score or a list of recommendations from your data science team) to optimize your existing operational processes and improve in-app personalization.

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Userflow Integration




Moving customers through the product onboarding stage is a difficult problem. This is the exact challenge that Userflow solves. Leveraging Userflow, you can build customized in-app tours, checklists, and surveys without code. With our brand new Userflow integration, you can keep your user data from going stale by syncing user-associated project data directly from your warehouse to increase retention and optimize conversions through the onboarding funnel.


Reply Integration




Now more than ever, sales teams want to automate, optimize, and scale outreach channels across multiple channels. As a sales engagement platform, Reply helps facilitate this goal by enabling you to automate and manage outreach across various touchpoints, like email, phone, LinkedIn, etc. With our latest integration, you can sync the freshest contact data directly from your warehouse to Reply to ensure that all of your outreach is personalized.


Rokt Events Integration




With CPMs rising, it’s even more important to personalize your ad targeting. Fortunately, Rokt is good at increasing the lifetime value of engaged customers by leveraging key event data to create personalized experiences. With our new integration, you can finally send data straight from your warehouse to events directly in Rokts advertising platform to sync conversion event data and improve campaign performance. This new integration will ensure that your Rokt workspace is being powered by the events in your warehouse. Review our documentation for more information.

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Qualtrics Integration




As a platform that is focused on improving customer experiences, Qualtrics is extremely useful in every industry. With our new integration, you can now sync user information like product usage data from your warehouse directly into Qualtrics to improve your customer engagement and gain deeper insights. Read our docs for more information.

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Auth0 Integration




With the rising number of SaaS applications and different solutions, security has never been more important. This is why we just rolled out our newest integration for Auth0. Auth0 is an identity management platform that lets you securely automate all of your logins and permissions across all of your different applications and tools. With our new integration, you can sync user lists directly to Auth0 to automate all of your permissions and grants every time someone joins/leaves your company or signs up/deletes an account in your product. For more information check out our documentation.

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