Hightouch changelog
Hightouch changelog

Azure Repos Support for Git Sync




Our Git Sync integration now integrates with Azure Repos, which means you can leverage your existing version control to bi-directionally manage your models in syncs. Read our docs for more info.

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HTTP Request Batching




Send multiple rows per HTTP request. Read our docs for more info.

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SFMC Mirror Mode




Our SMFC destination now supports mirror mode. This is the fastest way to sync to SMFC Data Extensions. Read our docs for more info.

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Correlated Integration




Sync custom audiences to Correlated and build propensity scores and playbooks for your leads to optimize your conversion rates. Read our docs for more info.


Facebook Custom Audiences Enhancement




We’ve updated our Facebook destination to support the following features:

  • Opt out of removing users from audiences
  • Sync to an existing audience
  • Auto hash detection

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Azure Blob Storage




Azure Blob Storage is officially available as a data source. You can now sync data to our catalog of integrations. Read our docs for more info.

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Nested AND/OR Functionality




We've updated our audience builder so you can create more complex and dynamic audiences. 2023-01-24 09.33.52 (1).gif

Personalization API




With our new Personalization API, Hightouch users can programmatically query and return data from any of their data models in real time.

Check our latest blog post for more info.

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TikTok Segment API




We’ve added support for TikTok’s Segment API so you can match fields using multiple IDs to optimize your match rates. Read our docs for more info.

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Asana Completed Tasks




You can now mark a task as completed once a row has been deleted. Read our docs for more info.

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